Project Scope

Brand Guidelines, Platform Design



The Problem

Historically, in the world of agriculture, there has been very little transparency with regard to pricing of crop inputs. From one farmer to another, the pricing for the same product could vary significantly. Additionally, the process for farmers to shop around for pricing of their inputs is painstaking and time consuming to say the least.

For retailers, the ability to accurately predict product demand is tricky. Predict too high, and they end up sitting on unsold inventory. Predict too low, and they can’t service their customers and miss out on valuable sales.

The Solution

HarvestPort set out to create a platform that would benefit both farmers and retailers alike.

For farmers, it allows them to view product pricing from various retailers in their area. They can then create forecasts for each of their crops, with pricing automatically pulled in to give them a very realistic view of upcoming costs and savings.

Retailers can log in to the platform and get a live view of current product demand, based on farmers’ forecasts, as well as a historical average demand for that product by month. They can then adjust their pricing for products in the platform based on actual demand.

Branding the User Portal

Due to the fact that HarvestPort is more than just a tech platform, the user portal itself needed it’s own name and logo. 

The name given to it was HarvestPort Exchange, or HPX. The logo needed to communicate that it was part of the HarvestPort brand as well as allude to the nature of its functionality. One of the most valuable attributes of the platform is its ability to parse large amounts of data, using algorithms and math to quickly pull together grower forcasts and recommended product usage. The logo icon uses the mathmatical symbol for Lambda to help form the letter “X”, reinforcing an emphasis on math and computations to help the farmer make smarter and more educated decisions.

3 Core User Types.
3 Distinct Portals.

The HarvestPort Exchange app (HPX) consists of three portals whose data interact with each other seamlessly, providing powerful tools for each party to accomplish their goals.

Manage vendor product bidding, grower forecasts, product demand, and ordering.

View input prices, compare alternatives, quickly generate forecasts, and place orders.

View product demand in real-time and assign product pricing accordingly.

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